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Here Are Some Cool And Fun Sites That I Have Found

If You Have Any Cool Or Fun Sites Please Let Me Know

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Tour An Abandoned Underground Missle Silo  (Pland To Spend Some Time In Here.
The PacManiac Home Page (My Best Friends Home Page, Even If He Does Like The Green Bay Packers.)
Welthcome To Microshaft (A Funny Spoof On Microsoft And Windows.  Where Can We Spend Your Dough Today?)
The Comic Zone   (One Wild And Wackey Site.  Read Today's Comics.)
NASA Cam  (This Site Has Several Cameras At NASA And Are Updated Every Few Minutes.)
Earth Satellite Epemeris Service (Track The Satellites At Night From Where Ever You Are.)
The James Bowie High School Marching Band Page  (All Of The Current Events And A Lot Of Great Pictures.)
Press Any Key.Com (What A Fun Place.  Be Sure To Take The Densa Quiz To Find Out How Dumb You Really Are.)
Paper Airplanes On The Net (Learn How To Make All Of Those Fancy Paper Airplanes.)
The Texas Parks And Wildlife Page (A Great Deal Of Information And Activities.   There Are Even Some Campfire Stories In Here.)
The NASA Home Page (Every Thing NASA.)
The Smithsonian Institution Page  (Tour The Smithsonian Institute Without Traveling To Washington DC Today Online.)
I Can't Believe That They Said That (Real People, Real Quotes, Real Stupid, See If Any One You Know Is In Here.)
Mayberry, My Home Town (Do You Like Andy Griffith?  Here Is The Page For You.)
Animated Greeting Cards   (Send An Animated Greeting Card Free Over The Internet.)
Blue Mountian Greeting Cards  (Another Free Internet Greeting Card Service.)
I.Q. Test (Take And I.Q. Test On-Line.)
Addicted 2 Stuff (You Must Visit This Hilarious Web Site.)
John's World Wide Waste Of Time (Nice, Fun Place.  I Don't Think That It Is A Waste Of Time In Here.)

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