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Tick Talk

We're Just Counting The Seconds


These facts apeared in The Dallas Morning News on January 14, 1998. I was hoping to expand on these facts, so, if you have any others like this e-mail me and I will try to put them in.

Once every 86,400 seconds, this newspaper is delivered to your door with another day of news, sports, funnies and all the rest.

But a lot is happening in the meantime. An American is born every nine seconds. Another dies every 13 seconds. Yet another has his or her car stolen every 23 seconds.

You get the idea. And every few seconds, somebody comes up with another "every . . . seconds" statistic.

They may not be entirely accurate, of course. Clinique brags that it sells a bottle of moisturizing lotion every four seconds, but it's doubtful that buyers are marching to the cash register, assembly-line style, every four seconds around the clock.

It's just a mathematical equation - the total number of times something happens divided by the number of seconds in that time period.

But the resulting statistic (every 25 seconds, an American suffers a heart attack) usually seems far more dramatic than the original (1.25 million Americans suffer heart attacks each year).

So let's synchronize our watches, tick off the seconds and see what's happening.


READY, SET . . . GO!








Robert McCullough